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- by BenGoodspeed

Forgive nothing, for nothingness is heaven, not your enemy.
Forgive nothing, for forgiveness is only the abandonment of justice, and justice is the fundamental equality of all living creatures. …however;
Forgive equality, for so many creatures really are fundamentally inferior……

- by BenGoodspeed- by BenGoodspeed- by BenGoodspeed

The Circadian dwells on devotion.

Society detests purity, in irrational, projected self-disgust. Purity is nothingness, and society must destroy nothingness.
A fitting punishment for the crime of compassion is the dehumanization of the devoted, and a destruction of their gift for the addition to an ego.
Society – a society so extreme, that insecure adherence to a false image of nature is now the norm indeed, while honest nature is extreme.
self-honesty is brainwashing only to a brainwashed society, created in the image of The Lord your God: Television.
Insecure and loud, yet without a voice of it's own.

The fear-induced abandonment of sentimentality, traded for an ego-based mindframe is the basis for whore society.

- by BenGoodspeed- by BenGoodspeed

The Circadian dwells on conformity.

You never had an inner voice of authority, so you moved wherever the mental wind from society blew you, steeped in conformity from the day you were born.
You are a scared, inadequate, VULNERABLE child inside. You know this, and this is exactly why you put on the mask of stoicism, a numbed mind, a lack of concern.
A tough and jaded exterior. And this exterior reveals your interior.

Sentiment traded for ego, yet your jaded indiscretions still only reveal your childlike need to feel loved, still further, the weak dependence that plagues you..
That, you project onto the strong. And in your mind all your faults become theirs.

The opposite of this homogeneity is Circadian. The Circadian never lets the world think it's thoughts for itself in the authority of conformity. The Circadian is obstinate, because the Circadian is aware it has it's own authority, being a living entity itself. And all life may directly access the Akashic Records under the authority of it's own existence, as life, sentient. Until then, all thought is merely a mirror of a mirror with the vacant schizophrenia inbetween -- producing chaos, yet existing nowhere at all.

- by BenGoodspeed- by BenGoodspeed

the world is nothing but somethings, or rather; something but nothing. And something-ness is a bleak and barren wasteland.

All the symbols in the world will never make an end, they will never truly mean anything. And so..

The Circadian dwells on nothing.

The Circadian dwells on nothingness. And nothingness is a part of no something. And nothingness is fullness, and fullness is the opposite of a lack. And the opposite of a lack is what everyone has longed for, their entire life.......

- by BenGoodspeed




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