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April 20, 2012
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Queunuch by BenGoodspeed Queunuch by BenGoodspeed

The Queue Order (simplified Chinese: 剃发令; traditional Chinese: 剃髮令; pinyin: tflng), or tonsure decree, was a series of laws violently imposed by the Qing (Manchu) dynasty in the seventeenth century.
Manchu men shaved their foreheads, leaving a long tail, traditionally called "queue" in English.
The Manchus seized control of Beijing and overthrew Li's Shun Dynasty.
After the Manchus had reached South China, Dorgon imposed the Queue Order for all Han Chinese, giving the Han Chinese 10 days to shave their hair into a queue, or face death.
The slogan adopted by the Qing was "Keep your hair and lose your head, or keep your head and cut your hair"
The Han Chinese people resisted the order and the Manchu rulers struck back with deadly force, massacring all who refused to shave their hair.
The three massacres at Jiading is one of the most infamous massacres, with estimated death tolls in the tens (or even hundreds) of thousands.


A eunuch (/ˈjuːnək/; Greek: Ευνούχος) is a person who may have been castrated, typically early enough in his life for this change to have major hormonal consequences. Less commonly, in translations of ancient texts, "eunuch" may refer to a man who is not castrated but who is impotent, celibate or otherwise not inclined to marry and reproduce.

Castration was typically carried out on the soon-to-be eunuch without his consent in order that he might perform a specific social function; this was common in many societies. The earliest records for intentional castration to produce eunuchs are from the Sumerian city of Lagash in the 21st century BC. Over the millennia since, they have performed a wide variety of functions in many different cultures: courtiers or equivalent domestics, treble singers, religious specialists, government officials, military commanders, and guardians of women or harem servants.

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really nice
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you think soo? I was wondering about that.. I thought maybe it ended already u_u

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